Good gentles.  Following is the feast menu  for next weekend's

Auf Dem Tisch
Bacon-wrapped pork
Hearty bread with butter (v/a), honey butter, and herbed butter
Ribs with Cherry sauce, Sausages with honey mustard sauce
Roasted “milk” (v) (baked cheese)
First Course
Beef with sauce (Shallot and wine sauce)
A Food of Beans with Flatbread   
Rice from Greece (v)
Second Course
Hens From Greece
A Food of Pears (v)
Cabbage (one version with, and one version without, caraway) (v)
Hasenhorls (v/a)
Grape Pudding (v)
Snow with sauces  (Apple, Plum, Pear, Strawberry)
Water, Apple drink with mulling spices (hot), Ginger drink (refreshing, but with a little bit of ginger “bite”), Sage water, Barley tea, and Yansun (Star Anise, Ginger, Cinnamon, boiled into a drink syrup).

Note:  Dishes marked (v) are vegan.  Dishes marked (v/a) have a vegan alternative, by request.

A complete list of all recipes with ingredients will be posted (in the morning) on the door outside of the kitchen.  Any further questions, please ask the feast steward.

Fiondel Songspinner