Good gentles all,

     This message is going out on multiple message boards, and I apologize to those who receive it more than once.

     In just over a month- 37 days to be precise- Calontir will be holding its Spring Crown Tournament in the Shire of Wyvern Cliffe.  And while there are several notable events happening between now and then, i.e. Gulf Wars and Kingdom Arts & Sciences, the Crown Tournament should also be on everyone's mind, as this is indeed the tournament which ensures the continuation of the Falcon Throne.  Thus, to facilitate the tournament's smooth operation, we will need list heralds!

     In the coming weeks, I would ask that any herald who can attend Spring Crown(or, for that matter, any Calontiri with a strong voice) consider volunteering at the list table when March 29th comes around.  I know most, if not all of us, are busy with event prep for Gulf and or Kingdom A&S, but if you are considering volunteering, please contact me offlist and I will gladly accept your help.  If you won't know for sure until the event, then come find me at the table alongside the list field on the 29th.  I will be bringing Oreos for my helpers!

I would ask that regional heralds please forward this message to their respective groups.

Ever in service,
HL Johann
Battleur Herald