I guess we're both up late. I was just updating previous posts with the newest info.   You beat me to it.  Thanks!

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Here is the latest info. 

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Hello all,
I seemed to have created a firestorm of confusion by my email about all tents having a fire extinguisher, and that was not my intent at all.   Mistress Celestine, who is in charge of Emergency Preparedness, sent this to the staff tonight, so these are the guidelines to follow.  If you have any questions about it, please contact her department. 

"You only need a Fire Suppression system if you have live fire. If you are staying in a tent with no candles, torches, generators, propane heaters, etc... No Live Fire/Flames. Then you do not have to have a Fire Suppression system."

Thanks for all you do.

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Not to open another can of worms, but we've been having discussions on the B3R list and Facebook regarding the requirements for fire safety at Gulf Wars. I have emailed the Landcrat for Gulf Wars to clarify the rules. Her response was:
"Hello. Each tent should have a fire extinguisher and then any campfire should have the fire extinguisher and a second source such as a bucket of sand or water.

I've been told that Home Depot has extinguishers 1-A 10 B-C for $18.98 and that Walmart also has them.

Hope this helps.

I have requested that the official website be updated to clearly reflect the requirements, as there has been confusion.  Now to go buy a fire extinguisher and bucket ...
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