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 Ann Wingert
Announcement Regarding the Society Chirurgeonate Request for Comments

The SCA Board of Directors seeks commentary on a proposal to eliminate the
official Office of the Chirurgeonate, and the associated changes to Corpora
necessary to accomplish this action.

The Office of the Society Chirurgeon has been providing exemplary service
to the Society since 1986. The Society and Board of Directors are
tremendously grateful for the sterling service the Office of the Society
Chirurgeon has provided over the years, and hope to continue to allow
licensed first aid providers to provide such service, while needing to take
into account the realities of the climate in which the SCA currently

The Board of Directors has been advised by its outside counsel, as well as
by its insurance company, that having officers of the Corporation acting as
emergency services providers and warranting them as official Chirurgeons
represents an unacceptable assumption of liability by the Corporation for
the actions of these individuals. The SCA can allow individual medical
professionals to provide emergency care under their own licenses and the
various Good Samaritan laws. Such services can also be provided by
professional emergency services organizations and companies that provide
such services. However, having corporate officers and warranted officials
do so represents an unacceptable risk according to both our outside counsel
and our insurance company.

Acting upon the recommendations of our professional advisors, the Board of
Directors of the SCA, Inc. seeks commentary regarding a proposal to
eliminate the Office of the Society Chirurgeon, the Kingdom and local
Chirurgeons, and all associated Deputies and warranted Chirurgeons as of a
future date. All Society Chirurgeonate activities and warrants of office
would cease at that time. Any emergency services at SCA activities would
thereafter only be performed by Good Samaritans under their own licenses,
or by professionals or professional organizations specifically hired or
called by event staff to provide such services.

Individuals with appropriate emergency care related licenses or those
acting under the general Good Samaritan laws that might be applicable are,
of course, free to provide emergency care at SCA activities under the terms
of their licenses and applicable state and local laws. However, they would
be doing so as volunteers and would not be warranted by the SCA nor hold an
SCA office related to the provision of emergency care services. Similarly,
professional emergency care organizations (e.g., municipal, non-profit or
for-profit ambulance providers) that are not affiliated with or part of the
SCA or any SCA organization, might provide emergency care services at SCA
events (particularly larger SCA wars) through arranged voluntary or
for-hire agreements with event staff. Licensed individuals would still be
able to provide significant service to their local groups, Kingdoms, and
the Society by offering to provide any emergency services under their own
licenses (and would thus be worthy of any and all appropriate awards) -- but
would no longer be providing such services through an official Society

The SCA would no longer maintain an Office of the Society Chirurgeon,
Kingdom or local Chirurgeons, or warrant any Chirurgeons or Chirurgeonate
activity. However, individuals are still encouraged to meet and pursue any
and all SCA-related interests on their own. People are, of course, free to
pursue and provide emergency care at SCA activities as licensed medical
practitioners under the licensing laws of their state or any Good Samaritan
laws that might be applicable. Any such unofficial organizations,
communications, or provision of emergency care related services would not
be sponsored or overseen by the SCA, Inc. or any of its groups.

The SCA would no longer have Corporate, Kingdom, or local Chirurgeon
officers or warranted Chirurgeons, so any and all class material taught on
any related subjects would be developed and provided by SCA members
individually and based on their own accreditation, licenses, and
experience. Because the SCA, Inc., does not endorse or supply the content
of any classes taught at SCA activities (other than those being taught by
Officers in support of their Office), individual members are free to teach
classes on any material that might be related to unofficial first aid
activities, but would be doing so strictly as individuals with no official
sanction or involvement of SCA, Inc. As individuals, such service could
also be considered worthy of any and all appropriate awards, although there
would be no relationship to an official Society Chirurgeonate.

The Board of Directors seeks comments on the matter through 03/18/2014,
which can be directed to [log in to unmask] Additionally, we invite all
those interested to send their comments to the Society Chirurgeon (
[log in to unmask]). The Board of Directors invites the populace to take
advantage of the range of our communication outlets -- including email
lists, social media venues, and public meetings -- to discuss the issue,
but would simply like to remind everybody that courtesy and the presumption
of honor are core values of the Society, and apply equally in on line
venues as they do at SCA events. Additionally, the Board of Directors will
be holding a public meeting at Gulf Wars, where these interested in
discussing this issue are welcome to hear what the Board has to say and
share their feedback.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036

You may also email [log in to unmask]

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for
Creative Anachronism , Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this
announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic
mailing lists.
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