As long as we are talking about opinions and not facts, you could be right.

Britt Griswold

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Subject: Re: [SCIART] TAN: Happy Darwin Day!

I think if you disagree with someone's opinion "absolute craziness" is
not a tolerant or reasoned response.

Will Smith


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I wonder if anyone has seen the HBO documentary "Questioning Darwin"...?
I saw it last night... a bit disturbing (OK a lot disturbing).

I'm well aware of the annoyances of academic snobbery and hate to be
that way but... wow. 

Since college I have always been interested in (the absolute craziness
of) Creationist thinking, especially these days, and the arguments they
pose. Anyway the show is very good with lots of insight to the man
Darwin himself and the times he lived in. I recommend it if you are able
to watch.


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