Try f.lux?  It adjusts the color of your monitor depending on the time of day.  It will affect color work, though, but it does have hotkeys to turn it off.

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Has anyone had a laptop or seen laptops that hurt their eyes?  I'm trying to find a new laptop and I am having trouble replacing my 3 yr old HP Elitebook, which HP gave me a full refund on, due to it being a lemon.  To get a new HP Elitebook and a low resolution screen, I will sacrifice an i7 and most likely a discrete graphics card.

When I look at MacBook Pros and now Lenovo Thinkpads the screens hurt my eyes after a short period of time.  There are long forums of people complaining about the MacBook Pros hurting their eyes, even with the Retina display.

I'm trying to figure out what aspect of the screen specifications hurt my eyes.  If I knew this it might be easier to find an appropriate laptop.  I think screens with a lower pulse width modulation, (PWM) may be harder on the eyes.  It sounds like Apple uses very strong LED's, so they have to reduce their brightness by flashing them on and off.  The pre- Retina display MacBook Pros were harder on my eyes, than the Retina Display models.

I would guess that I'm sensitive to the PWM, (similar to fluorescent lights).  A PC, with integrated Intel graphics has an option, to save battery life, which decreases the frequency of flashes, in the power save mode.  This can be disabled if one does not have a discrete graphics card.  Someone said some gaming computers, like Asus may have a 120 hz response time. Does anyone know if this is similar to the PWM?

It may be PWM is the problem, or it could be that newer screens are LED based, with passive reflex technology rather than TFT active matrix technology (which I think is related to the PWM), or it maybe that newer displays have a higher brightness/nit, contrast ratio.  An Acer Aspire does not hurt my eyes as much, as it is a glossy 1366x768 low resolution TFT active matrix screen.

Has anyone found a certain style laptop that is easier on the eyes and still retains good color values?

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