I've had separate sites on Etsy for both my cards and prints.  Well, I'll never get rich as it doesn't do much more than pay my fees.  I also have started uploading some images to Fine Arts America, a print on demand site that will produce both cards and prints as the customer purchases them on line.  I've heard some people do make a few dollars there and I have hopes.

In the meantime, congratulations on finally leaving your job, one that must have been totally stressful.  Good luck with all your upcoming projects!

Sandy Williams

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At last!  I quit my day job.  Well, I quit it a few years ago but stayed on part-time.  At my age -- I'm 71 anddon'tcarewhoknowsit -- I have a low tolerance for interruptions.  If anyone has ever worked in an acute care medical setting, you know that the job is non-stop interruptions.  So I've retired to my home and studio and the camera equipment I've acquired over the past 60 years.  Now that I can apply more time to the business aspect of art, I'm looking for venues to sell same.  Others here have indicated Etsy is a good place to sell ......  almost anything.  I'm wondering, however, what type of "anything" really gets noticed.  Does artwork like prints or originals sell if it isn't transferred to a mug or T-shirt?  Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated.

I'm also looking for opportunities to research and write essays, papers, and magazine or journal articles.  Or simply to edit same.  My favorite venue is photo essays.  Here's a sample:  However, I've also written detailed technical papers within the medical field, and have worked as a stringer for a local newspaper, writing articles and supplying the photos for same.  If anyone should hear of such an opportunity, it would be great if you could pass same along.  Unless you apply yourself :).  I'm not looking for full-time work, just freelance or as an on-needed basis.  I want time to do art work.

Thanks in advance,

Bruce Bartrug
Nobleboro, Maine, USA
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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.  - Albert Einstein

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