Dear Jorge,
Thank you for the pdf's! I'm sorry for not replying any sooner, I was in the field for some job. I think the pdf of Halffter & Edmonds you sent me will do for what I need it for. I'll be studying it in the coming weeks. The thesis of Jameson differs on some crucial points (at least for our research) from the publication. Fortunately my father has a hard copy of the publication, but it makes corresponding hard when I do not owe a copy of the same. I guess we'll survive though! :-)
Thanks again,
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Dear Auke,

Receive a cordial greeting.

I have a poor quality pdf of the work of Halffter & Edmonds (1982), especially in the quality of the images. However, I send you the version that I have, maybe someone else in the list will have a better quality version. In relation to the work of Mary Liz, I have the thesis document but not the article... so I send it to you, may be it will help you in some way.


Jorge Ari Noriega

Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 02:32:15 +0000
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Subject: PDF request
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Dear All,
I'm looking for pdf's of the following publications:
Jameson M. L. 1997 – Phylogenetic analysis of the subtribe Rutelina and revision of the Rutela generic groups. Bulletin of the University of Nebraska State Museum 14: 1-184. (I've got a pdf of a version of the original manuscript, but this appears to be incomplete and with different pagination)
Halffter G. & Edmonds W. D. 1982 – The nesting behavior of dung beetles (Scarabaeinae). An ecological and evolutive approach. Mexico, Instituto de Ecologia. 176 pp.
All help greatly appreciated!