I second Daniel. I have a mass of archival material that I wi need to get rid of in a year or two. 

Malcolm Rutherford. 

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Perhaps AFEE could create a digital achieve for these materials, and others that become available.


Daniel Underwood


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Dear Colleagues,


For various reasons, I need to reduce material that I have collected over the past 20 years.  In particular, I have the following items that I am willing to give anyone who wants them if they pay postage costs:


William Beveridge Papers

Minutes of the Technical Committee that oversaw the writing of “Full Employment in a Free Society”.  The committee consisted of F. Pakenham, Joan Robinson, Nicholas Kaldor, E. F. Schumacher, and R. S. Burns


Ronald Meek Papers—Copies obtained from Mrs. Meek (perhaps the only copies now in existence)

Some letters

“Accumulation and Distribution:  a neoclassical theory” (1977-78)

“Lectures on Theories of Value, Distribution and Welfare” circa 1955


Maurice Dobb Papers, Trinity College, Cambridge

Letters—include Sraffa, Pasinetti, and Sweezy

“Theories of Distribution from Ricardo to Sraffa” (1969)

“Recent Trends in Economic Theory in Britain and America” (1955)

“Lectures on Marxism and the Crisis in Economics” (1948)

“A Critical Review of Recent Tendencies in Bourgeois Economic Theory” (1949)

“Some Recent Topics of Discussion in Bourgeois Economic Theory” (1966)


Conference of Socialist Economists:  archive material from 1970 – 1996—all various sorts 


If you are interested in this material please send me an e-mail telling me which of the material you want.


Fred Lee


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