“Evolutionary and Institutional Methodologies in Economics

to Generate New Critical Insights”


Two Joint AFEE/EAEPE sessions at the 26th Annual EAEPE Conference

University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, November 6-8, 2014



This year, the Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) and EAEPE will jointly host two sessions at the Annual EAEPE Conference in Nicosia in agreement with the local organizer and Scientific Committee.


The general topic of the two sessions (eight papers in total) will be


“Evolutionary and Institutional Methodologies in Economics to Generate New Critical Insights”.


In these sessions, we would like to focus on the possibilities of evolutionary and institutional methodologies to generate new, critical, and relevant knowledge, to investigate previously unexplored phenomena, patterns and regularities, and to obtain results that are intractable in mainstream economics. Both theoretical and applied papers are invited, but we seek for papers that focus on the interrelations of heterodox theory, specific appropriate methods used, and results yielded.


The terms of reviewing and accepting submissions and the schedule and deadlines are the same as in the general EAEPE conference call.  However, for this joint AFEE/EAEPE paper selection, proposals  and abstracts that support the panel theme will receive preference. For additional information on the EAEPE requirements, please visit their website. http://eaepe.org/?page=events&side=annual_conference


Importance dates for the joint AFEE/EAEPE paper selection:

·                     Abstract submission deadline: 15 May 2014

·                     Notification of preliminary acceptance: 20 May 2014

·                     Notification of final acceptance: 20 June 2014

·                     Full paper submission deadline: 1 October 2014

Please, send your submissions for the Joint AFEE/EAEPE sessions to the AFEE International Director:  Svetlana Kirdina at [log in to unmask].


Not all presenters at the Joint AFEE/EAEPE sessions need to be members of AFEE. But if two submissions will be considered equivalent after reviewing, AFEE members will be given priority.




Svetlana Kirdina

Russian Academy of Sciences


Int’l. Director, AFEE Board

Fred Lee

Univ. of Missouri—Kansas City

AFEE President-Elect

Wolfram Elsner

Univ. of Bremen, Germany

EAEPE President