Greetings from Sofya,

I have updated the unofficial Google Calontir calendar today, as is my
usual monthly habit.

I've started adding links to event webpages and full addresses - at least
for events coming up in the next month or two that have made such
information easily available.

The address is really helpful since the address on the Google calendar will
automatically connect to Google Maps on a smartphone.  (Let me know if an
address is going to the wrong place.  It took awhile to get the Lilies
address to work right.)

At your service,



Lisa M. Kies, MD aka Sofya la Rus, OL, CW, CSH, druzhinnitsa Kramolnikova
Mason City, IA aka Shire of Heraldshill, Calontir
"Mir znachit Pax Romanov"
"Et nunc et semper, etiam atque etiam, et discere et exquire et
alia."          -^-^-`

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> Greetings!
> While many are preparing for a trip to the south for Gulf Wars, it is not
> too early to be thinking about Lilies War!
> To keep up to date of additions to the Lilies War website you may visit
> the News page <> where we will keep a running
> tally of new additions to the site. You may also subscribe to the RSS feed
> for the news <>.
> The latest additions include links to sign up for Youth Activities
> Teachers <>.  Also, if you are
> interested in teaching and A&S class, check this link
> <>.  Finally, Merchant
> pre-registration packet links can be found at
> <>
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