Greetings! The deadline to sponsor your Lilies War Competitions is
fast approaching! (Remember those amphetamine-enhanced squirrels I
warned you of? They're even closer, now, and nibbling at your heels!)

If you've sponsored a Lilies competition before and plan to again,
please contact me (your Friendly Neighborhood Lilies Competition
Coordinator) no later than April 10! If you're planning to sponsor a
new competition, please contact me!

My email: kamiizumi(dot)Hirotaro(at)gmail(dot)com

Please send me the title of the competition, when you would like it to
be, and, if you have a location already established, where it will be
located. If you need me to coordinate a location for it, just let me

Please feel free to distribute this across whatever email lists you
feel are appropriate.


Taro, Lilies A&S Competitions Coordinator

That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Except for bears. Bears will kill you.