The major change is that all submissions to Laurel are now paperless. 
Yep, Saker no longer sends in any papers to the Laurel staff! It's not 
ONLY posted in OSCAR.

Since they have the digital copy, we don't have to worry about the 
long-term color issues we've had to deal with in the past. Additionally, 
the newer ink-jet printers are more stable and can printer more 
heraldically accurate tones.

We're moving towards an all-electronic submission process...just not 
yet. There will also be the need for the money to get sent in, since SCA 
doesn't accept Paypal or other electronic transfers.

Brigida Saker

P.S. At some point, the Saker office will be digitizing all of the 
previous submissions that currently take up 12 totes in my basement and 
store the digital copies on the office's back up drives. However, that 
will take time...

On 03/03/2014 7:53 am, Jessica Camp wrote:
> Oh good, it'll be easier to submit stuff now!
> I'm curious, though, what facilitated the change since the original
> objection was "printer color fades faster than marker". Will digital
> files of the originals be considered as good as the originals now? Or
> is printer ink lasting longer these days? I'm taking museum studies
> classes right now, so that kind of stuff is on my mind.
> -AritĂȘ