I agree on the use of proper officer names.

Here is what I have in the SCA-EVENT-PLANNING section of the Florilegium:
evnt-stwd-cltn-art (20K) 9/ 6/03 Short articles on SCA event stewarding by Lady Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote.

evnt-stewards-msg (54K) 11/17/13 Suggestions for event stewards. (autocrats)

If anyone has put together such a booklet for helping event stewards (or autocrats if you insist), I would love to host it in the Florilegium provided you have the copyright.


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> You can start by using the more pc title recommended in the most recent Known World Handbook:  "Event Steward".
> Also leaning away from "Feastocrat" to "Feast Steward" and from "Troll" to "Registration." 
> Ruining our traditions. Harumph!
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