Jenna of SouthWind is in need of a couple of collaborators to help with two proposed jerky experiments.  Frankly, over the years prices have gone up to where I cannot justify footing the entire bill for a batch of jerky as an experiment, especially since neither of my proposed experiments would be anything I could eat.  What I am looking for is someone willing to pay for at least half, with the understanding that they would take away at least half.  

One project would involve about a year of soaking hot peppers in Jack Daniels and adding 'Pain is Good' sauce. 

The other project would have to start immediately to take advantage of a sale on KC strip steaks, which I think would make fabulously 'ooky' fatty jerky.  The actual flavor would be negotiated.

If you can afford $50.00 or so, with the understanding there is no guarantee the results will be to your exact liking, and you are willing to arrange pick up as I don't travel much, then contact me privately.


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