Good morning-

I'm still working on my first cup of coffee; should I come across 
over-snarkily, please accept my apologies.  :>

From Rhodri:
> It is irrelevant whether small is nominally an adjective. The use of 
> adjectives substantively, that is, as the grammatical equivalent of a 
> noun, is well established for millenia.

Also, it's irrelevant in this case because the original post from 2001 
explicitly states that the OED meanings listed are from the noun form of 

From Bess:
> And I still will grumble like that old curmudgeon I am that “Child” is a 
> correct and common period term. I bet you all say “remove” for feast 
> courses too. (“Course” IS the period term).

I'm pretty sure "we all" don't.  ;>  And I pay my event fees at the gate, 
if we want to play that game.  *shrug*

> While Smale may be documentable slang, my child is a child, thank you. I 
> am not accepting of the term in common use in my SCA period.

Of course not; you're a proper lady!

I'm not arguing for or against the use of slang; just noting the actual 
dating of the term's assorted meanings as compared to SCA myth.