I think some thing up-to-date would in order. It sounds like some may be in progress.

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Me too. 

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I like "autocrat", "feastocrat" and "troll".

Just sayin'

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Subject: [CALONTIR] autocrat's handbook
Date: Wed, Mar 5, 2014 3:33 pm

You can start by using the more pc title recommended in the most recent Known World Handbook:  "Event Steward".
Also leaning away from "Feastocrat" to "Feast Steward" and from "Troll" to "Registration." 

Ruining our traditions. Harumph!


On Mar 5, 2014, at 12:28 PM, Bruce Lapham wrote:

How about we all have a pow wow at Crown tourney during my copious amount of free time?

I have to watch the tourney (or else it won't be legal).  I have a Witan meeting.  I don't know the time for that yet.  Otherwise, we could gather together, look over the handbooks and talk about what we want in the new "official" one.


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We have been working on one in Lonely Tower.  

I have a draft version on my home computer (as well as a draft of a feast steward's handbook).


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Da ambiente e ospitalità sono la bellezza
From ambiance and hospitality come beauty
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Eat! Eat! You're all too thin!

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I could swear that I remember one.  Am I losing it?  

Does your local group have their own version?

Inquiring Kingdom Seneschals want to know.