I referred to the "Autocrat's Handbook" because I was fairly sure that was what it was called.

I use both autocrat and event steward.  I like autocrat because they are the individual in charge of the event.  It's not an oligarchy.  (Unless you are talking about Lilies).

The word steward is probably more accurate.  However, since an autocrat does more than manage the "hall" or "sty", it isn't really the best descriptor either.

I say troll out of habit.  I always thought of it in the verb form.  I'm moving slowly through the line.  I'm trolling along.

The other -ocrats always bugged me.  They were clearly made up words.  To make my point once, I actually had an event bid that listed everyone as an -ocrat.  Autocrat, feastocrat, troll-ocrat, fighting-ocrat, serve-rocrat, prize-ocrat, crash space-ocrat.  If it was a job at the event, I called them -ocrat.

I use mundane, except when talking about a person or their name.  Me and my name (Bruce) are not mundane.  Sometimes my modern life is.


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Dorcas -

I like "autocrat", "feastocrat" and "troll".

Just sayin'
As do lots of people. And lots of people liked "dragon" for car, "small" for child and "farspeaker" for telephone. People in other kingdoms still use "eric" for list field.

Autocrat is a perfectly period word, but NOT in the way we use it. Should we not try and use terms that are closer to what our period contemporaries might have used? I am firmly in the "gate" over "troll" camp (which is why I made the sign for coronation), and I don't like using <job description here>-o-crat at all.

But to prove I am not completely above hypocrisy, I still favor "mundane" over "modern", despite the BoD's wishes.

-- Logan --