Unto all who may read this message, Greetings from Dorcas Gold Falcon.  I  hope this message finds you well

In the beginning of August, I announced a trial of accepting
electronically colored submissions of devices in addition to those colored with
Crayola markers. Brigida Saker has reported that in the months since that
announcement, there have only been a couple of items that weren't acceptable.
Since the trial has been a success, the Saker office will permanently
accept electronically colored device and badge submissions.  However, Saker still has the flexibility to
return items that are difficult to read, mis-colored, don't upload to OSCAR
accurately, or have other problems caused by the fact that they came from a
color printer or copier.  Of course,
Saker will continue to accept submissions that are hand colored, using Crayola
"Classic" markers, or their equivalent.  Saker will still NOT accept forms colored
with crayons, colored pencil, or paint.
As a
side note, the required number of copies of a badge or device form changed last
fall.  A complete submission must include
1 color and 1 uncolored line drawing copies, plus 1 copy of supporting

I hope this "technology upgrade" makes it easier to create your heraldic submissions.

In service,

will somebody please forward this to the Book of Faces, as appropriate...