Hello Populace of Calontir! This is my last plea for a while to help with youth activities. I have to focus on studying (ugh) for my mundane test to let me be a teacher.... so PLEASE help me out not stress about filling the last few spots for Lillies so i can focus on studying for my test in April!! My e-mail is [log in to unmask]. I would love to have someone volunteer to head up the childrens tourney friday afternoon, as I am NOT the person you want to run this. I could also use some help on Thursday and Friday planning some last minute classes. Also, I will have to close up the youth tent in a hurry on Saturday, as I am being Forced to take my son to his father in South Dakota that night  So ANY help volunteers to help me with this would be really appreciated!!!! Thank you all for your help and those who have volunteered thus far! If you can not volunteeer your time at lillies, I have a few projects that need to get done for the kiddos, maybe you can volunteer some hours helping me put some bags together, or making some beads for the kiddos  Thank you agian!
Yours in service,
Ly Isabella