Greetings, good gentles of Mag Mor,

How can it be that fair April is nearly upon us? It seems as though only last week, the snow did fly. Wait. I think that was last week. Regardless, as approaches April, so too does our Herdmaster event, and the tournament to determine our next Baronial Champion.

Herdmaster will be Sunday, April 13th, from 11 am-9 pm (or whenever we're tired and want to go home. We have the site for the entire evening). It will be at the Cortland Community Center, a lovely facility that has plenty of room for us to spread out, a nice industrial kitchen, and a gymnasium, should the weather prove too fickle to facilitate outdoor fighting.

Cortland is located about 20 miles south of Lincoln on Hwy 77. To find the Community Center: from the north, take the second right after you reach town, next to the 77 Smokehouse, proceed two blocks west, take the second left, and head one block south, to the Community Center. There is plenty of parking on the west and north side of the Center. From the south: take the first left, at the gas station, proceed 2 blocks west, and take the second right to reach the community center.

Really, Cortland is so small that even were you to get truly lost in town, you would still reach your destination within 10 minutes.

Come and enjoy the day! There will be fighting and fun, and, of course, food! A potluck feast will follow Court.

In Service,