An open invitation to all GNSI members to help develop a science
      illustration K-12 curriculum:

*/Initial premises: /*
1] Science illustration as a career is still a career unfamiliar to the 
general public (and often to the scientists we serve); integrating a 
science illustration curriculum into general education (especially STEM) 
programs will help to educate people as to who we are and what we do.

2] All students, whether enrolled in STEM programs or not, can benefit 
greatly from gaining the observation and recording skills that they 
would learn from a science illustration curriculum.

Many GNSI members are already involved in science illustration 
education, from day camp programs for elementary children through 
graduate level courses. Our goal is to compile our members' ideas and 
experiences and assist in developing an age-appropriate national 
standards-based curriculum for teachers who are searching for ways to 
reach and teach their students. The goal is a well-crafted GNSI program 
that would be a valuable resource, and might eventually benefit the GNSI 
with future members eager to join our profession.

We invite your input and/or your active participation in a committee to 
develop this curriculum. */

*/Please contact MaryBeth Hinrichs at: [log in to unmask]




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Guth Illustration & Design
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Battle Creek, MI  49014-5076
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