GNSI Journal 2014 no. 1 Winter Issue is released!


The latest GNSI 2014 Journal, No.1 Winter Issue 
is now available for download online FREE to members! The print 
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This issue includes these great articles:

  * /*How Much of Creativity is Part of Human Nature?*/
    -- John Gurche examins human creativity and the symbolic nature of
    society as reflected in the hominid fossil and archaeological records.
  * /*Book Review: Shaping Humanity*
    -- Mary Parrish reviews John Gurche's new book /*Shaping Humanity*/.
  * /*Memories of John Gurche at the National Museum of Natural History*
    -- Mary Parrish tells us about her first encounters with John Gurche
    in 1988.
  * /*Life in the Slow Lane: Sculpting Life-like Turtles Freehand*/
    -- Gary Hoyle describes the process for creating life size turtle
  * /*The End of an Era: Fred Scherer 1915-2013*/
    -- Gary Hoyle eulogizes the career of diorama artists Fred Scherer.
  * /*Member Spotlight: Jenny Keller*/
    -- Jenny Keller describes her career.
  * /*Pages from My Sketchbook*/
    -- Sample pages from the sketchbooks of MaryBeth Hinrichs & Cheryl
  * /*LAYOUT BASICS: Producing a Polished And Professional Printed Piece*/
    -- Karen Ackoff offers some basic rules of typography to aid in
    producing a polished and professional printed piece.
  * /*FIELD OPS: Outfitting Your Traveling Sketch Kit*/
    -- Suzanne Stutzman discusses her tools and the Artist-in-Residence
    experience in Alaska.
  * /*A Boulder Sneak Peek!* <>/
    The Boulder Conference Committee is hard at work lining up a great
    program for us this summer! Here are just a few sneak peeks
      o /*Keynote Speakers: *
        E. MacDonald, PhD*: The Conception of Science On a Sphere /
        *Scott D. Sampson, PhD*: For the Love of Place: Reconnecting
        Humanity and Nature in the 21st Century
      o /*Workshops: */*Marvelous Mucus*: Learning about the
        Little-Known World of Land Snails - Marla Coppolino / *Tactile
        Graphics*: Images for the Blind - Ann Cunningham / *Uniting Art
        and Biology to Conserve our Changing Seas* - Courtney Mattison /
        *Ready, Set, Sell!* Proactive Marketing Strategies - Paul A.
        Krieger / **: Making Photos and Art Press Ready -
        Britt Griswold / *Live Animal Drawing*: Eagles, Falcons,
        Reptiles and Cool Bugs! - Linda M. Feltner
      o /*Field Trips: */*Dinosaur Ridge* / *The Wild Animal Sanctuary*
        / *Rocky Mountain National Park Overnight* / *NOAA* (National
        Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) / *Denver Botanic
        Gardens & Denver Museum of Natural History Doubleheader*
  * /* Ad* <>/
    Marketing for Science Artists


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