Bruce, yes, I was able to download the images. Couldn't think how to  
check the values of the whites in Photoshop without doing this. I'm  
not sure what you mean by your comment about how "It would seem  
unnecessary. . . " unless you thought you'd somehow set the images so  
they couldn't be pulled off your site. (The "Save image as" feature)  
I'm still working on an old tower and in an old version of Photoshop,  
so am not browsing websites on either a cell or tablet.


On Mar 10, 2014, at 11:14 AM, Bruce Bartrug wrote:

> Linda:  Oh, that's the problem!  My monitor is calibrated :).  A  
> recently purchased Dell 24 inch LCD.
> Lynette:  I have older work, too, which is sometimes quite a  
> problem.  These were recorded on film, which adds another layer of  
> corrections.  I added the small white border around the black  
> because the black borders alone don't always show clearly on line.   
> Noticed this first with illustrations for books, and I just carried  
> the idea over to anything that needs a black border to begin with.
> Lynette:  you downloaded an image?  Oh, dear.  I never thought to  
> check.  It would seem unnecessary in a Squarespace template that  
> adapts to tablets and cell phones.  Argh!  Maybe I can add one in  
> "Save for Web" function and make it easy.  Sigh 2.
> Ann:  I should actually read the instruction to my Epsen V500.   
> Maybe there's a background color substitution there as well :).  Of  
> course, one device's "white" can be another's pale pink or gray.
> Thank you all for looking !
> b

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