I haven't had time to comment but have followed the discussion.

Going back to the original question, I find that if I first cover the back of my final drawing (done on grid or not...I rarely use them but have done so) with graphite (the softer the "lead" the more darker the final image, the greater the likelihood of a smudge), place it on the final painting surface, graphite-covered surface down, of course, and then using a sharp pencil or pen, draw the lines I want to transfer...this makes such a light mark that it does not show through the paint...usually.

There is the problem that if you are painting on a white surface you may get smudges from the graphite, so a way around this is to put the final drawing on paper on a window (with sunlight behind) with the drawn surface pressed against the glass, and then just put the graphite over the lines that you can see through "back" of the paper, just slightly broader than the width of the pencil lines.

Nothing original in any of this, a pretty straightforward method that might resolve the concern since the grid is ONLY on drawing papers, not on the final painting surface.   


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Just thinking - The modern projectors are expensive.  Most people have an old fashioned 35mm slide projector around.   You could use just any old crappy slide - and exacto knife a nice fine grid it it and use that.    If you don't have an old one, I am sure they are dirt cheap on e-bay or in several friends' basements.    That said - I am planning (when I get back to large, not digital, painting 10 years from now) on finally buying a projector that projects my computer screen.  

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