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Medical/Biological Illustrations
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Know anyone who might be interested?

Hi everyone, my sister sent me this information about an upcoming residency opportunity that might be a good fit for one of you out there. Looks like you have to apply my mid March for next year's slot. It might be something to keep on hand for next year since the deadline is so close for this year's opportunity, but it is definitely worth investigating.

The project is called "Scientific Delirium Madness" Applications are due in mid-March, month long residency is in July 2015. 
The goal of the project is to explore and expand how the creativity of scientists and artists are connected. 
The project is a month-long residency in July 2015 for six artists and six scientists at Djerassi’s 585-acre retreat in the coastal Santa Cruz Mountains, south of San Francisco. The program will also include public and academic forums, published blogs, and papers in Leonardo, published by MIT Press. Scientists selected must be involved in significant art-related research, and/or be practicing a form of art and/or have original ideas on how to integrate aspects of art and science. This includes but is not limited to poetry, playwriting, fiction, creative non-fiction, choreography, music composition, media arts/filmmaking, sculpture and photography. By the same token, artists selected will have a track record of work driven by the influence of the sciences, such as biology, chemistry, physics, math, environmental or agricultural science.


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