I thought that these 2 recent UK biographies of scientific illustrators -- Audubon (in England, getting the Birds of America printed)†and †Charlotte Wheeler-Cuffe -- †might be of interest to SCIART members. †I haven't read either of them myself, but I have immense respect for Charles Nelson, longtime editor of Archives of Natural History, and for the people on the History of Natural History listserve who recommended the Audubon book.†

Karen †3/12/2014

Karen Reeds, PhD, FLS † [log in to unmask]
Guest curator, "Come into a New World: Linnaeus & America"
American Swedish Historical Museum, Philadelphia, 2007
New Jersey State Museum, Trenton NJ, 2008
Catalogue available from Diana Publications
ISBN 1-4223-6367-8


Christine E. Jackson

John James LaForest Audubon: An English Perspective.

Published October 2013


£40 + p&p £6.50, US $60 + p&p US $15.50 (approx.)

2) Shadow among Splendours, by Charles Nelson
published January 2014 by the National Botanic
Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland.
ISBN 9780957594814 223pp, approx. 200 illustrations; designed by Tony O'Hanlon,†
Propellor Design, Galway; printed & bound by Nicholson Bass, Belfast.†

An account of the remarkable life of
"Shadow" (Lady Charlotte Wheeler-Cuffe), especially about her
adventures in Burma between 1897 and 1921 during which time
she twice visited Mount Victoria (Natmataung) where she
discovered, among other plants, Rhododendron cuffeanum and
Rhododendron burmanicum. She painted more than a hundred
large watercolours of native Burmese orchids, and was given the
task of establishing the Maymyo Botanic Garden.

You can order a copy from the author direct (less costly than Amazon) at [log in to unmask] and make arrangements to pay by PayPal or cash. †The price in the UK is £35 and just about $60 †delivered in the US.†
Dr Charles Nelson
Tippitiwitchet Cottage, Hall Road, OUTWELL,
Wisbech, Norfolk, PE14 8PE, UK


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