Hello Karthik,

A student just pointed out that I had several copies of Monies & 
Societies on my shelf on Friday.  If you have trouble locating a copy, 
let me know.

Eric Hake

On 4/7/2014 11:09 AM, Daniel Underwood wrote:
> Also see Neale, /Monies and Societies/.  It’s an interesting read of 
> much general application.
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> Karthik: you might look at Modern Money Theory, which integrates a 
> large number of heterodox approaches to money, including 
> institutionalist perspectives. It also details the current operational 
> procedures adopted in a number of countries that coordinate activities 
> of central banks and treasuries. See work by Stephanie Bell/Kelton and 
> Scott Fullwiler. It begins with the institutionalist view of money as 
> an institution—not a “thing”; the best work on that is by Geoff 
> Ingham. MMT is, I think, the only approach to currency that is fully 
> consistent with the views of the institutionalst Fagg Foster, who 
> claimed that whatever is technically feasible is financially 
> affordable. It also stresses stock-flow consistency (Godley) as well 
> as the potential for instability in the financial sector. And it has 
> incorporated the history of money—such as we know it—into the analysis.
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> *Subject:* [AFEEMAIL] Institutionalist perspective on Money
> Hi,
> I am a researcher at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 
> working on money, currency and their role in ‘market design’. After 
> looking at various ‘schools’ within Economics, it seems to me that 
> Institutionalism and Evolutionary Economics are critical areas to 
> examine for my research. My interest in economics started with a 
> reading of Veblen, but when I try to get into institutional research 
> today, I find the arena extremely confusing! I am currently reading 
> Malcolm Rutherford’s “Institutions in Economics: The Old and the New 
> Institutionalism” to get my bearings straight before I explore further.
> In the meantime, I was wondering if any of you might be kind enough to 
> recommend readings that cover the Institutionalist perspective on 
> money/currency (all flavours of institutionalism welcome)
> Also, suggestions on ‘core readings’ or ‘seminal works’ on 
> institutions and evolutionary economics would also be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Karthik

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