Greetings AFEE Members,


Within the past month or so I had taken it upon myself to make the Heterodox Economics Facebook page more professional.  I have done this through the posting of papers, providing links to conferences and other events, and other useful links.  The group posts, and encourage posts that promotes the advancement and dissemination of heterodox economics. In following the constitution of the Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE), the purpose of the group is to promote heterodox economics and perspectives in the academic, governmental and private spheres of the discipline of economics.


For those that are part of Facebook and not already part of the group, the link to the page is here:


My hope is not only that the group will prove useful for members of this Discussion List, but that in turn AFEE members can share things with other members of the group.  The group currently houses some 8,500 members (most of them inactive and/or nonparticipating).  Hopefully that will soon change! 

Payam Sharifi