Dear Colleagues,

I am in the middle of disposing material that I have accumulated over the past decades.  At the moment, I have two collections which I need to dispose of:

1.  One concerns the GUNPOWDER TRADE ASSOCIATION:  A STUDY IN THE GOVERNANCE OF THE UNITED STATES POWDER MARKETS 1865 - 1902.  I had intended to write a book, but got distracted by working on the history of heterodox economics (which I did publish).  I had thought that I could pursue this during retirement, but that is not possible.  What I have is two boxes of archive material collected from the DuPont archives and elsewhere.  I am willing to ship the two boxes to any place in the US-it is too expensive to ship the material outside the US.  I also have various computer files that I can send as well.

2.  A second concerns material for a book on SIDNEY BALL, SOCIALISM, AND OXFORD POLITICAL ECONOMY, 1890s-1920s.  The material can fit into a small box; it consists of material I collected at Oxford while working on my book "Oxford Economics and Oxford Economists".  Ball and his colleagues were Christian socialists and they were trying to develop a band of Oxford economics that was much more socially oriented than the damn Marshallian/neoclassical economics coming out of Cambridge.  Of course they lost, but the story is still quite interesting for anybody interested in something more than boring traditional history of economics/economic thought.  I am willing to ship the material any place in the US.  I also have some computer files to complement the material.

Contributions to the cost of shipping are appreciated.

I have additional material which I need to dispose of:  archive material of John Gambs, Allan Gruchy, John M. Blair, and some others.  I'll announce the offerings over the next week or so.

Fred Lee

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