Greetings all

Enough have guessed the second riddle, and like before, Rhianwen wants the
line-by-line explanation.

The answer to this is the Order of the Archaic Fewmet.

A grinning mind-house .     gave birth to me
Mind-house is a kenning for skull, and grinning emphasizes that idea.
Probably the single most important skull in Calontir history, at least
heraldically speaking, was Humpk. I believe he gave birth to the order. I
will say, I could be wrong. Edward Cire of Greymoor might have been the
one. This line refers to a fairly busy day, 5 November 1983 when Pavel was
named the first OAF. That was also the day that Humpk stepped down and Cire
took the princely throne. I would love to know for sure :)

Pain was the coin that paid that price
Blows shrewdly given shared amongst all
These two lines taken together have only two words that matter. Pain and
shared. I'm sure you get it now.

I have been the wolf wild in the woodland
Now I start referring to specific OAFs. This line is obviously Kensor.

I have been the acorn striking from the oak
This refers to two OAFs actually, the acorn to Roderick and the oak to

I have been the falcon flying above the folk

I have towered above all a rock many times triumphant
I thought this line was obvious but I'm told it wasn't. I love it,
actually. It refers to Valens, who has a tower on his device, and the rock
many times triumphant is clear now that you know.

I have wielded swords scythe-like sweeping
A reference to Gilligan from Sing Calontir.

I have reached the sky climbing with verdant skill
This is Marcus, and is both a reference to the ivy on his device and his
love for rocketry.

I have lost my name but none fail to know me
This is a reference to Drix, whose registered name is lost to the mists of
time but of course we all know him.

I have held tridents with trampling cavalry
Rhianwen's device is a seahorse holding a trident.

I have been the trillium tracking doomed prey
Now we get to Adrielle.

These things and more throughout my time
I have become. How, then, am I called?

And the answer is OAF.

Thanks for playing.


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