Good Morning,

I received good news from my Society boss last night.

The Lilies issue of The Mews can be turned into a supplement!

What does this mean for us?    No page limit!   It can be 16 pages, it can
be 80 pages, there is no limit on pages!!

There is however a limit on the MB.    10 MB is the limit.   If you have
photos or drawings try to shrink them as much as possible.

The deadline was yesterday the 15th of April, but with a supplement the
deadline to Soc is the 22nd.  I am checking to see if we miss that deadline
but make the normal Kingdom Newsletter deadline of the 10th will the full
supplement still be published, or will it be held till the 22nd of May.

Either way, we now have a lot of room!   So, send me all the stuff that is
Lilies that you as a member of this Kingdom think we need to let the Knowne
World know!

Kingdom Chronicler

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