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> Do all these songs have a written version as some of us learn that way
> Zsiggy
> On Sunday, April 27, 2014, Michelle Heitman <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
>> A subject was brought up on Facebook, earlier today, that I
>> would like to have "moved over here".
>> The subject was the learning of our "group songs."  We have
>> had a fair number of newer folk join us in the recent past,
>> and they have yet to have the opportunity to learn the
>> "Calontir song repetiore."
>> The suggestion was made that the best way to learn is to
>> show up at the bardic fire, or in the Royal Pavillion, and
>> learn by listening.  This works quite well, for some people.
>> For others, it doesn't work at all.  And, in fact, for people
>> with any kind of hearing issues, it's not at all helpful.
>> And, as good an helpful as the CD's are, for someone with
>> hearing issues, the "group recordings" aren't very much
>>  help, either.
>> So, the question before the group is, are there prohibitive
>> issues regarding creating a handful of Youtube Videos,
>> of an assortment of the most popular songs?
>> (I think that's a fairly reasonable summary...please feel free
>> to chime in, if you've seen the Facebook conversation, and
>> I've left out anything crucial.)
>> Fiondel

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