On 4/7/2014 8:29 PM, Bruce Lapham wrote:
> Please don't speculate openly about what you think may be the issues
> involved.  Speculation will only cloud the issue, making a resolution
> more difficult to achieve.

I don't want to speculate.  But there have been claims of an April 4
ruling from the Society Exchequer, and if that ruling exists it would
be nice to see it.

> Lastly, I wish to make it clear that Their Royal Majesties, Mistress
> Lynette and I acted in good faith.  We believe our program is in
> compliance with published financial policy.  However, until the BoD
> makes a decision regarding the Guest Passes, the program is in hiatus.

I have every reason to believe that what you wrote here is true.
Good people trying good things in good faith is awesome.