On 4/7/2014 6:10 PM, Edie Gale Hays wrote:
> At least part of it is found in the SCA Exchequer Branch Handbook (2007
> pdf), which I downloaded from the Kingdom website.

Oooooh boy. :-)

Did you ever hear the story about how all the rules in Blood of
Heroes have someone's name on them? :-)

This particular rule you cite has the name of someone from An Tir
written all over it.  And what that person was doing, has almost
no relationship at all with the current state of affairs.  Of that
I am confident: despite not having the better set of facts that
Murdoch et al have access to.

Boy, that was a blast from the past though, wasn't it?

I have some speculations about this: but in deference to our
friend Murdoch, I don't want to speculate in public.  Other
than to feel confident that this is probably another of the
many SCA cases where good people in a rule-making position,
out of a superabundance of caution and a soupcon of ignorance,
stomp on things "in case there might be a problem".