Due to extenuating circumstances, the changeover in the Saker office 
listed in the May Mews is being postponed. We apologize for any 
confusion, but Brigida's letter was turned in to the Kingdom Chronicler 
several weeks ago to meet the Mew's publishing deadline, and Konstantia 
Gold Falcon granted the postponement very recently.

Brigida will remain as Saker, and her contact information remains on the 
web page. Shandra will remain as Eyas.  During this postponement, Eyas 
will be working on some enhancements to the functions of the Saker 

We both look forward to serving Calontir in our capacities and expect 
the change in office to occur in October or November. If you have any 
questions, please let either of us know.

Brigida, Saker  &  Shandra, Eyas

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