I found something by going to the Midrealm FB page and doing a browser find got "bria" the first letters of their Kingdom's Exchecquers modern name.

Found an entry April 3 at 6:41 PM.  Not sure how to link it directly.

I have 1 mutual friend so it's possible I can see it while others cannot.


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On 4/7/2014 5:16 PM, Clayton Neff wrote:
> I've spent some time looking for it too. It seems incredibly ironic to 
> me that Corporate makes such a huge stink about "official 
> communication channels" and then cannot follow their own guidelines.

I'm a bit bothered that Their Puissant Majesties Calontir are somehow accused of having violated a policy which never existed before.

And, now that it exists, is "secret" in the sense that the SCA is not publishing it, or following channels in publication.

Facebook is absolutely NOT how the SCA is supposed to conduct its business.