I don't think you are correct stating that the tokens as described were being treated as currency.  The were being treated as the same as any paper "1 admission free", i.e. a coupon.  

Coupons are not currency, and the fact that person was not given the right to exchange the token for cash, nor could the token be taken to a vendor and have the vendor required to honor it.  

As for the rule on 36, then in general, the SCA can never spend *any* money unless it's to a not-for-profit, because in general, any business owner will make a profit, which would surely be a benefit.


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At least part of it is found in the SCA Exchequer Branch Handbook (2007 pdf), which I downloaded from the Kingdom website.

bottom of page 32 and top of page 33
1. Metal Tokens or Artifacts
"Some kingdoms have organized minting, or coin-making activities. In order to stay clear of any civil laws regarding currency, we may only hand out or sell these tokens. We cannot honor them as currency, exchange them for modern currency, or otherwise treat them as currency.  Merchants may decide, on their own, to honor tokens as currency, but no merchant is required, nor can we require a merchant, to honor any such tokens as currency. (CP XI)"

Also involved is found on page 36
"A. Money may not be used in whole or in part to the benefit of private individuals or businesses."

Essentially, giving a token for admission to an event is giving money to a private individual.


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On 4/7/2014 5:47 PM, Rex Deaver wrote:
Let us not jump to conclusions, lest we perpetrate the same error that
we seek to correct. I believe the criticism was leveled at the Kingdom
Exchequer and Seneschal, not at TRM. And just because we cannot find it,
does not mean it is not there.

There are procedures for the release of rulings and for the
publication of regulations.

So far: not followed.

And, if the Crowns of Calontir say they take responsibility for
the work of their officers, then I say I won't argue with them.

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