Lothar -

what i find VERY interesting is that we can give free passes to royals and sometimes even retinue, but cant do so with new people ??

Very different issues. The purpose (as I understand it) of the policy about SCA monies benefiting individuals is to prevent event stewards from saying "All my friends get in free." The wording is SUPPOSED to prevent that, while ALLOWING the steward to say "Royals and 3 of Their retinue get in free."

The difference is the steward is benefiting a CLASS of people (Royals and their retinue in this example) rather than individuals. If we were to assume the worst, allowing a get-in-free voucher to exist, a Crown could abuse it by handing out said vouchers to all their friends so they could get in free to every event.

I feel it is a sad statement on our (small s) society that we assume such abuses will be prevalent, so we can't possibly allow something like this to be implemented.

-- Logan --