Thank you, Murdoch. Well said.

And to you and the others who have spent time and energy dealing with this
issue -- thank you!



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> Lothar -
>  what i find VERY interesting is that we can give free passes to royals
>> and sometimes even retinue, but cant do so with new people ??
> Very different issues. The purpose (as I understand it) of the policy
> about SCA monies benefiting individuals is to prevent event stewards from
> saying "All my friends get in free." The wording is SUPPOSED to prevent
> that, while ALLOWING the steward to say "Royals and 3 of Their retinue get
> in free."
> The difference is the steward is benefiting a CLASS of people (Royals and
> their retinue in this example) rather than individuals. If we were to
> assume the worst, allowing a get-in-free voucher to exist, a Crown could
> abuse it by handing out said vouchers to all their friends so they could
> get in free to every event.
> I feel it is a sad statement on our (small s) society that we assume such
> abuses will be prevalent, so we can't possibly allow something like this to
> be implemented.
> -- Logan --

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