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Greetings all

A number of you have answered this correctly and Rhianwen requested that I explain it. Since they were for her originally, here it is :)

The answer is the Royal Pavilion.

I am taller than any man but my arms touch the earth
The center pole is taller than any man but its ropes and stakes touch the earth. In a sense, they stretch like arms covered in a cloak.

My kin hosted the bee-wolf and I ward bee-sisters
I see the Royal Pavilion as serving much the same role as a mead-hall would for Anglo-Saxon kings. In the poem Beowulf, much of the action happens in Heorot Hrothgar's mead-hall. Beowulf essentially means Bee-wulf. This made me think of the Bee-sisters, so I used the connection to ensure we'd think of Calontir.

Many hands have dressed me drawn by love to adorn me
Here I was thinking of the floor, the table, the light hooks, and frankly the pavilion itself. Not many tents have cooler things :)

I have seen kings give gold and queens give cups
Lots in this line. This, as does the next line, refers to our pay that we have been given for wars, but also for awards given out. Notably, for the queens, this includes the Queen's Chalice. Also, I have a soft spot for the year that Maerwynn gave cups to everyone at Gulf Wars.

Coins uncounted have I held yet I can claim no wealth
Again, a reference to the pay that has been given at wars.

Long roads have I traveled lit only moonlight
This is fairly obvious, but is also an oblique thank you to all of those who have driven the Kingdom trailer for the benefit of the rest of us.

I have seen blood and pain and bliss and love
Basically a brief way to describe the muddle of all of us after the day's battle. Bliss, by the way, is a very oblique reference to the taste of chicken soup after fighting, and is therefore, a subtle thank you to the Soup Kitchen.

I am crossed by few for I am warded by falcons
This is a reference to the actual crosses and falcons on the pavilion itself. It is also a thank you to those involved in making it ("crossed by few"), which of course includes Rhianwen herself.

I am the soul of a kingdom so say what I am called
To me, the Royal Pavilion is truly the soul of Calontir. For those who have never had the opportunity to be there on a foreign battlefield after a day's battles with a pile of us, in the afternoon with a few people doing projects or just hanging out, or with it shaking as we sing Cruiscin Lan in lantern light, I am afraid I cannot truly do it justice. For those who have had the opportunity, I have no need to try.

So there it is, the Royal Pavilion.

Now, I promised a hint for Riddle Two. Halvgrimr's direction to me was to write riddles that referred to Rhianwen. She's definitely referred to in the second riddle, and once you figure out the method I used, it will probably unlock much of the rest of it.

Ironically, by the way, I thought the first riddle harder than the second even after I removed the two lines in the second riddle that simply made it too obvious.

Thanks all