Rhodri  wrote:

A grinning mind-house .     gave birth to me
Mind-house is a kenning for skull, and grinning emphasizes that idea. Probably the single most important skull in Calontir history, at least heraldically speaking, was Humpk. I believe he gave birth to the order. I will say, I could be wrong. Edward Cire of Greymoor might have been the one. This line refers to a fairly busy day, 5 November 1983 when Pavel was named the first OAF. That was also the day that Humpk stepped down and Cire took the princely throne. I would love to know for sure :)
I seem to recall her Excellency Elisabeth talking about making Pavel the first OAF. And it seems an award more likely dreamt up by Cire and Lizzie than Hump and Mamara.

-- Logan --
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