Hello gracious gentles of Calontir!! First let me apologize for dropping the ball a bit on the youth Lillies activities. I didn't realize that mundane life would be so difficult this last few months.. With that being said, I have things under control again and need a few things from the populace! I need three scribes that would be willing to create a Kestral Page school scroll for each of the three levels. 1, 2, and 3. These kiddos deserve to have their scrolls and they have not been given for at least four years to my knowledge even more. It is my knowledge that there is not a scroll currently and that there was at one time. If three people would be so gracious to create a scroll that will then be made into a pre-print I would be eternally grateful (maybe some glass beads might be in-store as well???) Share this with as many groups as possible, I know lillies is beating down the door and I do want to come through for the future of our great kingdom! 
Yours in Service,
Ly Izzy 
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