A subject was brought up on Facebook, earlier today, that I 
would like to have "moved over here". 

The subject was the learning of our "group songs."  We have
had a fair number of newer folk join us in the recent past, 
and they have yet to have the opportunity to learn the 
"Calontir song repetiore."

The suggestion was made that the best way to learn is to 
show up at the bardic fire, or in the Royal Pavillion, and 
learn by listening.  This works quite well, for some people.
For others, it doesn't work at all.  And, in fact, for people 
with any kind of hearing issues, it's not at all helpful.
And, as good an helpful as the CD's are, for someone with
hearing issues, the "group recordings" aren't very much 
help, either.

So, the question before the group is, are there prohibitive
issues regarding creating a handful of Youtube Videos, 
of an assortment of the most popular songs?

(I think that's a fairly reasonable summary...please feel free
to chime in, if you've seen the Facebook conversation, and 
I've left out anything crucial.)

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