Regarding Fiondel's third item, I must point out that songs shared on the physical medium of the CDs are SLIGHTLY more under the control of the authors of the songs.  When we put out the second CD, we promised the authors that we wouldn't put their songs on the internet, where anybody could then appropriate them for any purpose.

That's not to say that the authors WOULDN'T give permission to include their works on the "Calonsound Youtube channel"; they very well might be okay with it.  I'm just saying that many Calontir standards weren't written by Calontiri, and those authors might take a different view of this project.

Having said that, I'm sure I still have email addresses of a lot of the authors of these songs, and would share those addresses with whoever was going to be working on getting permissions.  (most addresses were found via google, and on public sites and sources)


On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 11:49 AM, Michelle Heitman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Not to seem like a party pooper (and not being on facebook to have seen that discussion), but what is the advantage of a video over the already extant teaching CDs?

-- Logan --

Perfectly reasonable question, Logan. 

The advantages of a You Tube video:

1.  You can post the lyrics to the song, immediately beneath the performance,
and then listener can follow along with the lyrics, while they listen to the song
being performed.

2.  The performances on the CD (particularly those songs which are sung by
more than one  person)  are not especially helpful to people with hearing
issues.  I have had more than one person who has limitations on their hearing
abilities, tell me that the CD (to them) sounds like this:  "Well...neat...that's a
group of people singing something."  A video would be one person/one voice/
one nice clear melody.

3.  The CD is a physical object, that has to be acquired.  A video on Youtube
is something that is immediately accessible to anyone with a computer.

Those seem like sufficiently viable reasons to make the attempt.

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