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Barony of Small Gray Bear

"Good Gentles please attend - 

We have some announcements to share in regards to the upcoming Barony of Small Gray Bear event Candlelight Camp, May 30-June 1, at Camp Formosa.

 Due to the announced elevation of Baron Nicholas to the Laurel, we have
 received much interest from people within and without the Kingdom in 
our event. We are eager and willing to reserve feast and cabin spaces 
for our guests (please contact our reservationist, THL Fronicka for more
 information)--however, our Baronial Financial Policy prohibits the 
-confirmation- of said reservations until payment is received. Thank you
 for your patience and understanding in this matter.

 We are happy to announce that we will be offering Equestrian events at 
this event. THL Christiana Breakspear is our Equestrian Marshal In 
Charge; please contact her at scaequestrian@... for further information 
and to let us know if you plan to participate.

3. We are also 
happy to announce that the site is allowing other four-legged companions
 on site as well. KIngdom Law on animals will be enforced, and will be 
posted at Troll. 

In addition, we ask make two other requests in this matter of:
-Only service animals (per the ADA) are allowed in the buildings on site.
-All gentles use courtesy in picking up after their four legged friends.

 Lunch on Saturday will be a fundraiser, sponsored by the Ship Briar 
Rose. Part of the proceeds will go to storm disaster relief, to aid in 
the recovery of the devastating storms that have swept through the 

We are sure we will have more announcements to make in 
the coming weeks leading up to this exciting event! Please see our 
website, (Announcements section), our official 
Facebook page or the event Facebook page.

As always, please call on us if you have any questions, and thank you for your attention!

In Service,
THL Brendan mac Sionnac, Seneschal
MKA Neale Carter

writing on behalf of
Ld. Giacomo Fornerigo, Autocrat
MKA Billy Ginocchio
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