We are pleased to announce the publication of the newest issue of Scholarly
   Editing: The Annual of the Association for Documentary Editing (vol. 35,
   2014), online at Scholarly Editing publishes
   peer-reviewed editions of primary source materials of cultural significance
   while continuing the decades-long tradition of publishing articles and
   reviews about editing that defined its print predecessor, Documentary
   Editing. As always, the editions represent diverse materials from a
   variety of fields, and this year we also present our first non-English
   language edition. We are pleased not only to present editors with a
   rigorously peer-reviewed publication platform, but also to share
   fascinating documents from cultural history with the reading public. All of
   this material is available freely online and is completely open-access.
   Please see below for our call for editions and articles for next year's
   issue, as well as the full table of contents for the 2014 issue.

   Amanda Gailey ([log in to unmask]) and Andrew Jewell ([log in to unmask])

   Editors, Scholarly Editing: The Annual of the Association for
   Documentary Editing


   Scholarly Editing invites proposals for the 2015 issue. Many scholars
   know fascinating texts that deserve to be edited thoughtfully and
   imaginatively, and we offer a venue to turn this knowledge into
   sustainable, peer-reviewed publications that will enrich the digital record
   of our cultural heritage. If you are interested in editing a small-scale
   digital edition, we want to hear from you. Proposals for the 2015 issue are
   due by May 9, 2014. Please see details for submitting a proposal at

   We also welcome submissions of articles discussing any aspect of the
   theory or practice of editing, print or digital. Articles must be submitted
   by August 15, 2014, to be considered for the 2015 issue. Please see details


      Introduction to Volume 35 of Scholarly Editing: The Annual of the
      Association for Documentary
Amanda Gailey (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and Andrew Jewell
      (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)



      Alex Haley's "The Malcolm X I Knew" and Notecards from The
      Autobiography of Malcolm
by Amy E. Earhart (Texas A&M University)

      Avisos a pretendientes para Indias (Warnings to Those Seeking Office
      in the Indies)<>edited
by Clayton McCarl (University of North Florida)

      Comparing Marks: A Versioning Edition of Virginia Woolf's "The Mark
      on the Wall"<>edited
by Emily McGinn, Amy Leggette, Matthew Hannah, and Paul Bellew
      (University of Oregon)

      "Lest we get too transcendental": Christopher Pearse Cranch's Changes
      of Mind in "Journal.
by Christopher M. Ohge (University of California, Berkeley)



      Digital Documentary Editions and the
Elena Pierazzo (King's College London)

      This Editing Life: The Joys and Imperatives of Documentary Editing
      (Presidential Address, Association for Documentary Editing
Annual Meeting,
      Ann Arbor, Michigan,
Phil Chase (Papers of George Washington)



      The Papers of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and Harriott Pinckney Horry:
      Digital Edition. Edited by Constance Schulz, Robin Copp, Mary
      Sherrer, Nicollette Calhoun, Peggy Clark, Taylor Kirton, Rachel Love,
      Justin McIntyre, Neal Millikan, and Benjamin Sheinkin.
Charlottesville, VA:
      Rotunda, 2012<>by
Cynthia A. Kierner (George Mason University)

      Creating a Movement with Teeth: A Documentary History of the George
      Jackson Brigade. Edited by Daniel Burton-Rose. Oakland, CA: PM Press,
Silvia P. Glick (Boston University)

      Recent Editions<>by
W. Bland Whitley (Princeton University)

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