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We want to make sure everyone keeps remediation of Windows XP computers on their radar, now that we’re past the official end of life date (April 8, 2014).  Linked below is an article on steps to manage security risks:


With the demise of Microsoft support for Windows XP, those sticking with the 12-year-old OS undeniably face risks. The question is whether the risks are tolerable and manageable.

In most cases, Windows XP can still be used while firms try to complete migrations with the risk cut to an acceptable level, according to analyst firm Gartner — and without having to pay for costly Microsoft Custom Support.

"While doing nothing is an option, we do not believe that most organizations — or their auditors — will find this level of risk acceptable," vice president and Gartner fellow Neil MacDonald said in a report, Best practices for secure use of XP after support ends.

Between 20 percent and 25 percent of enterprise systems are still running XP, and one-third of organizations continue to use it on more than 10 percent of their machines, Gartner estimates.

For those still using the venerable OS after the end of routine Microsoft updates and security patches, MacDonald has come up with 10 best practices to minimize the risks.

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