Hi, Mag Mor and Lonely Tower folk.

*Yes, the Shakespeare Festival is this Saturday, April 26, in Elwood, 
NE, sponsored by the Elmwood Public Library at **124 W D St, Elmwood, NE 
68349. The festival opens to the public at 10 am and closes at 5 pm 
(NOTE! This is later than I'd said earlier.)  Please try to be there at 
8 am to set up. *

We'll have a sunshade,  a list field, and demonstration tables to set 
up, then we'll need to be dressed and ready for action.... ideally no 
later than 9:45!!

SCA combat is scheduled at 10:45, 11:45, 12:30 and 2:30. For fighters, 
so far I've got: Felix, Seraphina, Raynaldus, and Osric. No emcee yet... 
asking for more fighters, if enough, maybe Osric can emcee?

For A&S demos, this is what I know about:

  * Food samples of Ginger Brede and Shrewsbury Cakes (will need someone
    to "hawk" them) /provided by Gwyneth and Dianium -- Thank you!/
  * Camera Obscura (will need someone explain and demo it to public --
    Owain, Astrid? per Natalya's directions)
  * Hand sewing & Embroidery: Caterine, Morgana, Cat?
  * Spinning, spinning wheel: Sashatec, Haldora?
  * Wrapped Wire Rings: Carlos
  * Callig'd names: Isabeau, Isadora
  * Weaving: maybe Berinike, Isadora can provide loom for someone to
    demo on....
  * Art Education: Natalya
  * Music: Volkmar, Zino, others if singing
  * Bardic: Ingeborg
  * Scroll Painting: William & Krystyn (LT)
  * Assist with Photo Booth: Etionette
  * Carpet Knotting: Natalya (maybe not both things?)

Okay, I've probably forgotten someone.... just remind me.
For those who I've called/texted, please let me know whether you can 
attend or not.  Thanks!
I will try to get a more specific location for our set up before Saturday.
-- Isadora

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