Hello, Mag Mor folk!
CC: Lonely Tower, too

As many of you know, Mag Mor has a demo scheduled for Saturday, April 
26th, in Elmwood, NE, from 10 am to 2 pm.  Elmwood is about half an hour 
east of Lincoln on O S/Hwy 34, and just a bit north on Hwy 1.  I think 
there is or will be construction on Hwy 34 that may make the trip a few 
minutes more.
The town/library/NE Humanities Council has put together a Shakespeare 
Festival, with actors, singers, jugglers, etc.  Their concept is to 
create a street scene of Shakespeare's time./*

*/To coordinate the demo, I need to know who can participate, soplease 
let me know by/*Thursday evening (Apr 3rd) if you can attend.*//**/So 
far, at a meeting about a month ago, Natalya, Katerine, Carlos & 
Isabeau, Ettionete [?] and Owain thought they'd be able to attend, but 
I'd appreciate confirmation of that since life tends to happen over a 
month's time! We'd certainly need more people than just those six anyway!

If you can attend, what you can demonstrate?   I've told Carrie Nunez, 
the contact, that there are some things I'm pretty sure of:

  * Calligraphy of names (Isabeau, Isadora)
  * Food samples (medieval gingerbrede and Shrewsbury cakes - pre-baked,
    small samples wrapped, maybe young people could "peddle?"
  * Weaving (Isadora can bring rigid-heddle loom for people to play on,
    can someone bring a card-weaving project?)
  * Combat:  either live steel combat -- if enough steel combatants are
    available -- or rattan weapon combat (easier to find the people, but
    it's earlier in time period, so doesn't fit as well with the
    festival theme) -- maybe both? REALLY depends on who is available!! 
    We'll also need an emcee, and probably constables.
  * Hand sewing, embroidery (Katerine?)
  * Camera Obscura (Natalya, could you bring it?)
  * We will also be supplying the garb for the photographer....
    (Ettionete assisting there?) DO WE NEED TO SUPPLEMENT WITH LOANED

Some things that we _probably_ will have:

  * Spinning (making yarn/thread) -- depends on who can attend
  * "Street bardic" -- a strolling person to sing and/or tell stories to
    small groups of 2 or 3  -- maybe Ingeborg per discussion at meeting
    two weeks ago?

And some things that we _may possibly_ have:

  * Hammer Dulcimer player (if Volkmar doesn't go to Melon Wars)
  * Dancing (if Omaha SCA group _wants_ to help -- although LT aid for
    JAV on May 17 is a _much_ higher priority!)
  * Scroll painting -- maybe Carlos?
  * Hand-knotted carpet-making -- maybe Natalya?  Or, alternatively,
    whatever Natalya would like to demo!

I told Carrie we can bring a 15 x 20 sunshade (V & I's), any tables that 
we need (probably V & I's), list ropes (from storage?), and our own 
chairs/stools and banners.

I've asked about the availability of lunch at the festival or if we need 
to bring our own.  I will share her reply.

I will also see how early we can set up. How does 8:00 am sound for one 
sunshade, a list field, tables & demo gear, and maybe a tent to store 
fighter gear?  We've got to be completely ready by 10 am....

Oh, and for those who can participate, please try to wear later period 
garb _if_ you have some available.  Shakespeare is definitely late SCA!

-- Isadora